DGme Employee Login Portal

The DGme Employee Login Portal allows the Dollar General staff to access their secure employee account information about My Pay & Info, Payment Schedule, Attendance, Payroll Reports, Medical Reimbursement, login, and Reset Password, Check Benefits. 

There is a hub of information for the employees associated with the Dollar General Corporation. An Individual employee can access their account through the employee Portal and will be able to evaluate their benefits about DGme Paystub, Retrieve Employee ID, Career Opportunity, Wages Paystubs, Health & Well-Being Benefits, and many more. You can explore more features and benefits of the DGME portal; the concise step-by-step guidance is below.

Official NameDGme
Portal TypeLogin
Managed ByDollar General
Current Employees158,000
HeadquartersGoodlettsville, Tennessee, United States
Employee Service1-888-877-9374

How to Register New Employee ID at DGme Employee Portal Online?

You have a valid Username and Password before accessing your DGme Employee Login Portal. It’s requested you follow the appropriate instructions if you still aren’t registered your employee user ID. 

  • You have to Log in to the DGme Employee Login Page at https://webapps.dolgen.net/dgme2/.
  • Click the Very First time to User “Register Now” option.
  • You will redirect to the Dollar General Dgme New Registration page.
  • You will ask to insert your employee ID, legal first name, last four SSN, and date of birth.
  • Click on the “Submit Button.” When you have filled out the entire information.
  • The next page will require you to ask more security questions and create your desired password for your DGme account.

Steps For DGme Login Portal

DGme Login
DGme Login

Dollar General employees now can more conveniently access and manage their secure online employee account and access to employee advantages, whether it’s about employee benefits or file taxation. More features are highly admirable for the dgme employees. Thanks to Dollar General, they have positive thoughts for their beloved employees.

If you want access to exclusive employee services, the employees must have computers or mobile phones. The following essential guideline is beneficial overall to managing the online employee login procedure, resetting passwords, and registration. Please follow the process for the DGme login step by step as below.

  • Go into the DGme Login Portal to Login from the official website at https://webapps.dolgen.net/dgme2/.
  • You will connect to the DGme Login page.
  • The next step is to insert your Dollar General Employee ID, Authorized: (Legal first and last name), and password.
  • Insert your login details, then click “Sign in” to access your Dollar General Employee account.

Up to your employment by Dollar General, you have the right to use the Dollar General employee account for your beneficial interest. If you leave the job, the management will notify the employee of the termination and instantly deactivate your account.

How to Reset DGme Account Login Password?

If you forget your Dollar General Employee ID, insert your Dollar General Employee Account in DGme. Then reset your password for your Dollar General Employee account following simple steps.

  • Please visit the DGME Login Portal website at https://webapps.dolgen.net/dgme2.
  • Click on the “Forgot Password?” option highlighted over there.
  • You will be redirected to the Dollar General employee password reset page.
  • You need to insert your Dollar General employee ID, Authorized first name, last four Social Security numbers, and date of birth. Click the “Submit” button.
  • You will receive an email password link with instructions on resetting your password on your registered email address.
  • Now you can reset your password by following the simple instructions.
DGme Reset Password

How to Retrieve Your Dollar General Employee ID?

You can successfully log in to the DGme employee portal, but you must log in before you require your Dollar General Employee ID. If you don’t know the EID of your Dollar General Account, you can retrieve it anytime from anywhere; you need to provide some proof in the shape of your Identity details.

  • It’s easiest to click the “look I up here” link on the DGme Employee Login page.
  • You view it on the portal, and the connection is next to ‘If you don’t know your EID’ above the entry fields.
  • The following information must be provided on the ‘DG me Retrieve Employee ID’ page.

· Your Authorized first name as it appears on your Social Security card

· Year, Month, and Day of Birth

· When Dollar General appointed you for the first time

· Your Social Security Number’s last four digits

Your DGme Employee ID will be provided once the system verifies your information.

Dollar General (DGME) Employee Portal Access

If you explore the website https://webapps.dolgen.net/dgme2/, the login option appears in front of your screen. However, if you already registered your email account with your username earlier, you can instantly access the DGme Employee Portal.

The existing employees can also use their DGME employee I.D for the login portal page. The Dollar General portal is for DGME employees’ which is very beneficial at the end of DGme employees and helps you keep updated daily or weekly. The DGme employee portal interface is responsive, convenient, and fastest for the desktop and android mobile versions.

DGME Employee Login
DGME Employee Login

Pay Stub Portal

https://www.paystubportal.com/dollargeneral The DGme Paystub employee can smoothly see the benefit of paystub information, Schedule weekly reports, upcoming appraisals & rewards, make Quick medical feasibility available, and Claim medical reimbursement. DGme Website is connected with the employee database server, controlled by highly qualified, dedicated & professional I.T. staff.

Recover Employee ID

https://webapps.dolgen.net/EIDLookup/ If you visit the website URL, you will see the DGME logo on the Log-in Page. Please fill the complete details into the fields and submit. You will get notified in your registered email id, and Dollar General Employee ID access will be retrieved successfully and quickly within no time.

Health & Well-Being Benefits

Dollar General provides non-stop medical facilities to employees as the organization’s importance to every employee should be healthy and fit for the company. DUE TO MEDICAL ILLNESS, the DGME won’t let down any worker or staff. They also have the facility to reimburse the medical bills into cash for employees. The worker can avail of the below service on their current services until he doesn’t retire.

  • Health Insurance Coverage Options (Available to All Employees)
  • Short-Term and Long-Term Disability
  • Life Insurance
  • Supplemental Medical Coverage (Accident, Cancer, Critical Illness, Hospital)
  • Life Lock Identity Theft Protection
  • Business Travel Accident
  • Parental Leave

Healthier Life Wellness Program

Employees have access to the following resource to indorse for happiness, physical, financial, and developmental health:

  • DGME workers also have the option to get and enroll themselves in an Assistance Program, including access to permissible assistance and counseling
  • Healthy Lifestyle and Disease Management programs.

401(k) Retirement Savings Plan

The Dollar General Savings and Retirement plan 401(k) can help you realize your retirement dreams. Here is how:

  • Contribute up to 20% to 25% of your pre-tax income (up to the IRS annual limit)
  • Plenties of an investment option.


  • Attractive Pay.
  • Yearly bonuses.
  • Best employee’s service award recognition program.
  • Paid vacation and holidays.

Opportunity with Dollar General

https://www.dollargeneral.com/about-us/careers.html If you are looking for a temporary or full-time career-oriented job. DG has 16,000+ retail stores rich with career opportunities and award-winning training development programs, and with the enthusiastic store ambiance, you’re sure to thrive. Apply right now and prepare for a successful career-oriented future with DG.

Dollar General provides career opportunities to everyone who comes and plays a vital role in the company. They have a very high demand for skilled workers such as Cashier, Accountant, and Salesman; The DG overwhelming welcome the candidate who becomes a company employee with a grand gesture. The DGME believes that every employee is essential to the company, and they even provide an excellent ambiance for the employees. Either it’s about Store layouts • Dollar General • DG Pickup. DG Market • DG GO! • DGX • Store services • Cart Calculator.

Customer Support Dollar General

https://www.dollargeneral.com/customer-support.html Customers can contact support within 24/7 availability your inquiries about Store related Queries; Product related Information; Store Response; Company General Information; Employment Queries; DGME (Employee Access related issues). All issues will be taken seriously and resolved instantly on the priority.

You don’t need to worry if you cannot contact customer support. They also have an option for quick response via email. The backhand staff is very efficient and rapid response to your query within working days hours.

Dollar General DGME Employees Access, Jobs 2022 Ecity Works

https://www.ecityworks.com/dollar-general-dgme-employees-access Dollar General Worker Access to DGME – https://www.Onlinesafejob.com/ after the login, the employee, can earn up to 10$ to 15$ hourly. Employers can also get Coupons Code, Promo, and huge discounts through www.onlinesafejob.com.

DGME Paystub Wagepaystubs 2022

If you are a current employee of Dollar General, then you can easily access it along with your user credentials, i.e., username or email id and password. The fresh and new employees can join the DGme Portal from scratch, such as newly registered, then they will be allowed to use the Wage Paystubs portal.

W2 – Employment Scoop & DGME Dollar General Paystub

https://employmentscoop.com/dgme-dollar-general-paystub-w2/ Log in to your W2 Portal for Paystub employ data through Dollar General. It’s pretty easy via the DGME online paystub portal.  

Dollar General Employee Login | DGme Employee Access

https://www.paystubportal.com/dollargeneral Dollar General Employee (DGME) Login – before login, the following guide for employees which is very mandatory to access before Login, password reset temporarily. The Dollar General has started to operate since “1941”. With a vast trade, they had enormous outlets all over the country. The roughly figure it has is around 17,266+ in different locations in the United States with that many outlets, the labor staff is also in the vast number with around 143,000+ employees force.

Infographics About DGME Employees Login Portal:

DGME Infographics Image
DGME Infographics Image

Dollar General is an employee portal short form is DGME portal. There are users to access numerous outlets’ information.

The Employee of Dollar General may be looking for the exact place for the login to the DGME employee portal. We have the right direction about the DGME login procedure into quite simple phases along with the piece of the exact information you need.

  • Employees can log in to the DGME online employee portal from the official website. The menu function will appear once you enter the website; all navigation is easy to use without any hurdles. https://www.dollargeneral.com/
  • The website is authorized to the employees of the DGME login and use it via www.dollargeneral.com
  • If you are trying to access or log in without registration, you can’t access it; you should at least register before the login. Registration steps are so straightforward you need your first name and last name at the same time to fill other fields as same like employee I.D. once will you have done these all fields to complete filled your form, then submit. You will be able to log in. You can enjoy the inside features such as DGME paystub information, Work Schedules, Upcoming Events, Promos, Discounted Digital Coupons, New Stores inaugurations updates, DGME Career, DGME Jobs 2022 Announcement.

About Dollar General

About Dollar General

Most people know well about the store; they usually shop every day or a week. It takes a long time to develop for furnishing a billion dollars of business trade from scratch to accomplish. Mr. James Luther Turner and Cal Turner have done a tremendous job. The relation between father and son are both the founders of the retail business, with total assets of around $23.826 billion.

Mr. Cal Turner Jr’s passed away in 1987, and the business took over by Mr. David Perdue, who became the CEO in 2003. In the same year, the retail industry was highly demandable in the market, and the Dollar General Market well knew the warehouse. At the same time, Mr. David Bere takes charge of the CEO in the short term. A few investors purchased the company’s shares for $6.8 billion and started DGme Paystub successfully. DGME has sponsored well-known brands such as Joe Gibbs Racing, Matt Kenseth, Brain Vickers, and others. They also fully fledged the additional information to support the Dollar General Bowl.

Have you ever experienced a retail store an offer very cheap stuff? Maximum businesses are located in rural areas and do not possess them. It started business from the smallest amount and provides some getaway plan to shift the company if that doesn’t work. The store is so tiny, like a mini-mart with few employees, and the stock is so limited along with brands and products of about 13,000, and the same limited stock of fresh products like meat and vegetables—all of these things which is very beneficial. The price cost is lower whenever the buyer is shopping.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Dollar General Corp. retires employees; Dollar General Job, Employees, Friends, and Family members, are permitted to get discounts, benefits, and an exceptional range of prices for the branded products and services they usually use daily.

How do I redeem the discount coupons?

If you are not an employee of the corporation, you don’t need to worry; any buddy can get the discount, but it’s mandatory you have valid discounted coupons; You can do it from any general dollar store and redeem it during your shopping.

How do I confirm if my application has been received?

Once your complete registration is over, you will receive a confirmation email into the registered email address you gave during the registration. If you are not getting emails in your Inbox which is come from Dollar General Career, then you will need to check your’s spam folders because of the high volume of applications received by the management; 

it’s pretty challenging to reply individually to all applicants since we aren’t entertaining to all applications. If you are the right for the position they need and if your qualification is excellent as they are looking & seeking for the best. If you fill their eligibility criteria, they will communicate with you within no time & also give you a chance for the company.

Where do I go if I don’t have access to a computer? How can I fill an order?

The application is submitted on through online by the applicant. If you have no computer or internet, you can avail the public libraries as they offer free-of-cost access to computers and the internet at the state employment helps. Moreover, candidates can also apply electronically using their Tablets & smartphones to fill the form field step by step.