DG Stock Outperforms Competitors Despite Losses On The Day

Dollar General Corp. DG’s Stocks of -0.63% dropped 0.63% to $230.81 Friday evening on what is evidence to be an all-around assorted interchange session for the stock market. With the S&P 500 Index SPX, +0.22% increasing 0.22% to 3,674.83 and the DJ (Dow Jones) business average DJIA -0.13 decreasing 0.13% to 29,888.79. That was the … Read more

Dollar General Market closing in West Park Shopping Center

The Dollar General Market has decided to close their West Park Shopping Center on 18-July-2022. The business’s motive is to bring people together in the shopping center and enhance its sales through it. The rumors of spreading false news that businesses will close from the Shopping center along with Park Avenue West. The Dollar General … Read more