Alabama Developer Acquires Land in West Seneca for Dollar General Store Expansion

An Alabama-based real estate developer recently invested significantly in West Seneca, New York, acquiring two parcels of land for $599,000. The developer intends to construct a new Dollar General store, bringing convenience and affordable products to the local community.

Approval and Site Plan:

Planning Board Approves Site Plan for New Store. The proposed development received official approval in March when the West Seneca Planning Board gave the green light to the site plan. With a spacious layout spanning 10,640 square feet, the future Dollar General store aims to cater to the needs of the area’s residents in a convenient and accessible manner.

Demolition and Transformation:

Existing Buildings to Make Way for New Store. Before construction can commence, the existing buildings occupying the site will be demolished to make way for the new store. Among the structures to be destroyed is the building at 3036 Seneca St., which has an intriguing history. Over the years, it has been home to various restaurants and bars, including the renowned Pierce-Arrow restaurant, which enjoyed a reputation as a popular gathering spot.

Revitalizing a Former Establishment:

More recently, the building was known as the Vault Bar and Lounge, but its operations ended in late 2019. Unfortunately, the establishment lost its liquor license due to several incidents of violence. Seeking a resolution, the property owner, Ralph Lorigo, collaborated with state authorities to address the situation and remove the problematic tenant. The incident marked a turning point for the building and set the stage for its transformation into a new Dollar General store.

Property History and Sale:

Former Sunoco Gas Station and Real Estate Goals. Adjacent to the former restaurant and bar, the second building at 3030 Seneca St. stands as a former Sunoco gas station, once a familiar sight to passing motorists. Ralph Lorigo, who had long aspired to sell both properties to a drugstore developer, envisioned the potential for a thriving business in the area. However, changes in the retail landscape and the decline of rapid drugstore expansion prompted Lorigo to explore other options.

Dollar General Store

The Broadway Group Steps In

Ultimately, Lorigo found a suitable buyer in the Broadway Group, a reputable developer specializing in constructing Dollar General stores. The Broadway Group has established numerous locations throughout Western New York, providing accessible retail options for local communities. With their expertise and experience, the Broadway Group is poised to create another thriving Dollar General store in West Seneca, adding to the convenience and affordability of everyday shopping.


The future Dollar General store will serve as a retail destination and contribute to the local economy by generating employment opportunities during its construction and operation phases. As the project progresses, residents can look forward to a new shopping experience that caters to their everyday needs in a convenient location.

In conclusion, acquiring two parcels of land in West Seneca, New York, by an Alabama developer marks the beginning of an exciting new venture—constructing a Dollar General store. With the approval of the site plan and the impending demolition of existing buildings, the stage is set for transforming the properties at 3030 and 3036 Seneca St. into a modern retail space.

The Broadway Group, a trusted developer specializing in Dollar General stores, will bring their expertise to the project, ensuring a high-quality shopping experience for the local community while contributing to the growth of the West Seneca economy.

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