Dollar General Adds 436 stores & Dollar Tree cuts Prices.

Consumers are tightening up due to the hike in the prices of gas and foodstuff and the dollar general stores’ discount feasibility available. It’s an excellent time to create amenities for their customers who bring a passive income across the borders. The second quarter sales graph took so high due to the two most enormous, … Read more

Dollar General Stores Proposed For Big Flats

Dollar General Officials have announced another store is upcoming in Chemung County. The proposal had already been submitted to the planning board of the county. The Minutes of the meeting has a specific plan to present the proposal submission to the planning board and build a Dollar General at 164 Daniel Zenker Drive in the … Read more

Dollar General To Build Massive Distribution Center Near Denver Airport

Dollar General has announced to build a (919,000) square foot Dollar General distribution center on (75) acres. As earlier, they had already purchased near Denver International Airport. According to public analysis, the Tennessee branch chain had paid around $22 million to occupy the land along with the highpoint elevation in the industrial park at the … Read more

Dollar General Health Ramps up Its Healthcare Focus.

Dive Brief: Dollar General publicly announced on Thursday; The DG has created a special Healthcare Advisory Panel that included subject material professionals in the entire industry to help the best guidance along with the massive concession on it, the day-by-day emphasis on enhancing health and wellness. The management chain has hired four members in their … Read more

Dollar General Coming to Winfield

The Dollar General has decided to close Winfield for the sale of property that is running by there on city people. The New outlet location has been revealed by the DG, The Dollar General Winfield situated in the southwest corner of the city close to the highway at 78 and Nebraska Avenue. The entire building … Read more