Benefits of DGME Paystub/Check Stub in Dollar General Portal

“Dollar General’s DGME portal provides a streamlined way for employees to access their paystubs or check stubs online. Whether you’re a new or current employee, using the DGME paystub/check stub feature can offer several benefits, including easy access, enhanced security, time savings, environmental friendliness, and access to past payment information.”

Easy Access: 

By logging into the DGME portal, employees can access their paystubs/check stubs from anywhere with an internet connection. It eliminates the need for physical paper stubs and allows employees to view payment information conveniently.


The DGME portal is a secure platform requiring a login and password. It ensures that employee payment information is protected and not accessible to unauthorized parties.

Saves Time:

Accessing paystubs/check stubs online saves time and reduces administrative work for employees and the company. Employees don’t have to wait for physical stubs to arrive in the mail or ask their employer for a copy; the company doesn’t have to spend time and money printing and distributing physical stubs.

Environmentally Friendly:

By eliminating the need for physical paystubs/check stubs, using the DGME portal is an environmentally friendly option that reduces paper waste.

Access to Past Payment Information: 

The DGME portal also provides access to past payment information, allowing employees to view their payment history and track their earnings over time.

Overall, using the DGME paystub/check stub feature in the Dollar General portal is convenient, secure, and efficient for employees to access their payment information. If you’re a Dollar General employee and still need to sign up for the portal, contact your store manager or HR representative.