DGme Legion

The DGme legion is an app that is also well-renowned with the name DG legion. DGme designs the DG Legion app.

The app’s essential purpose is to remove the conversation gap between employees and the team manager. However, they can quickly identify & trace where the issue escalated; the shift manager empowered & sent their highly experienced delegated team to resolve the issue immediately.

This app is beneficial for teamwork, even members can keep updating their performances and feedback on through it, and it’s a fantastic app for employees to work together and connect quickly within no time.

The app works very effectively & efficiently to communicate with other team members, and it is also very beneficial at the end of the entire team because it’s fast, secure, and a user-friendly interface system.

Legion App

Legion Help

The shift manager has a right to make a weekly schedule for the individual employee. If they assign a worker to become a part of the operation team, they will be available in the shifts and callouts from the shift manager. When work timetables appear in a duty roster, DGme Legion ensures to notify team members and join them into the afterward plan accordingly.


How Does It Work?

The DGME legion App has some premium features.

The Ten exceptional features of the DGME Legion App are below;

  1. Ease the burden upon your managers using Automated Scheduling to produce optimized timetables that match your company’s needs with employee capabilities and preferences.
  2. Check-In and Check-Out online systematically. 
  3. Employee Managing Feature.
  4. Employee Time Tracking Feature.
  5. Employee Scheduling.
  6. Compliance Supervision Feature.
  7. Employee Activity Tracking.
  8. Employee Access Control/Permissions. 
  9. Time off Requests and Management, as well as shift swaps.
  10. Payroll Administration, Analytical reporting & Much More.