Dollar General Expands to Norwalk’s East Side with New Store

Norwalk residents on the east side can now enjoy the convenience of shopping at Dollar General’s recently opened store located at 580 U.S. 20. Welcoming customers earlier this month, the company takes stake pride in providing cost-effective pricing and a diverse range of household essentials, including food, cleaning supplies, paper products, over-the-counter medicines, hygiene products, and baby items.

Their commitment to serving others shines through in this new location. The newly established Dollar General in Norwalk stocks their well-known home décor products and features an expanded selection of party preparation supplies. However, it is essential to note that fresh fruits and vegetables are not available at this store. Nonetheless, the company firmly believes that each new store contributes positively to the economic growth of their communities. By opening its doors in Norwalk, Dollar General reaffirms their dedication to providing customers with a pleasant shopping experience, competitive prices, and quality products, all conveniently located.

Dollar General has planned a unique donation initiative to mark the occasion of the store’s opening. They will donate 100 new books to a nearby elementary school, benefiting kindergarten to fifth-grade students. This generous gesture is part of their partnership with Kellogg Co. and their commitment to donating over 60,000 books nationwide in 2023 to celebrate new store openings.

Dollar General

The new Dollar General location in Norwalk is expected to employ a team of approximately six to ten individuals. As the store settles into the community, Dollar General welcomes customers, inviting them to explore the diverse range of products available at their new location.