Dollar General Plans Large Distribution Center by Denver Airport

Dollar General has announced to build a (919,000) square foot DG distribution center on (75) acres. As earlier, they had already purchased near Denver International Airport.

According to public analysis, the Tennessee branch chain had paid around $22 million to occupy the land along with the highpoint elevation in the industrial park at the southeast corner of East 64th Ave. and (E-470 in Aurora). That’s approximately $293,000 an acre.

The official statement by the Dollar General July news release is that it has spent around $172 million total on the Aurora capacity and will expect to accomplish it in 2023.

The developers are so professional and dedicatedly started their work for high point elevation. The well-renowned constructor company Mortenson will have surprisingly to once again work for a new building for Dollar General, according to CBRE, which presented the corporation in the attractable sale to Dollar General.

The speed of trade has never been more essential, and the DGME is capable of facilitating the benefits both for the developer and designer along with the builder of the park; this is the statement by Brian Fitzpatrick, Vice president and General Manager of Mortenson.
Dollar General publicly announced plans to provide amenities in Arkansas and Oregon. It desires to hire up to 400+ workers in Aurora. The official said they have more than 18,000+ stores in all states except Hawaii, Alaska, and Montana.

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