Dollar General Stores Proposed For Big Flats

Dollar General Officials have announced another store is upcoming in Chemung County. The proposal had already been submitted to the planning board of the county.

The Minutes of the meeting has a specific plan to present the proposal submission to the planning board and build a Dollar General at 164 Daniel Zenker Drive in the city of big flats to Chemung County. The date was held on 02 August 2022.

Dollar General Perfect Plans Location at Former Southside Walgreens:

The store is supposed to project about 9,200 square feet, and opening timing would be preferred around 08:00 am to10:00pm. In this proposal, the construction days confess clearly; it could take around 175+ days depending on the authorization.

Before the month, the proposal was submitted to the Elmira city planning commission to place a Dollar General store in the old Walgreens building in Southside City. The strategy for the proposal for the location it’s been submitted to the county planning board. Once approved, it’s a good sign for the Chemung County people to avail themselves of the nearest store amenities after the accomplishment.

Dollar General Store Chemung County
Dollar General Store Chemung County

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