Dollar General’s Cluttered Aisles and Store Closures: Employee Perspectives”

With its extensive network of over 19,000 stores serving small towns, Dollar General has faced many challenges recently. These challenges include cluttered aisles, store closures ordered by fire marshals and employee concerns regarding staffing issues. This article will explore the factors contributing to these problems and illuminate their impact on Dollar General’s operations.

The Impact of Reduced Work Hours and Staffing Shortages

Reduced work hours for Dollar General employees have resulted in in-store merchandise disarray. With limited personnel, unpacking new products and maintaining updated inventory becomes a significant challenge. Employees have highlighted that the need for more staff is particularly problematic in smaller stores where they are expected to balance assisting customers and restocking shelves.

The Consequences of Clutter and Store Closures

Dollar General’s clutter issue has drawn the attention of local fire marshals in various locations, from Louisiana to Maine. Piles of unpacked items obstruct exits and access to fire extinguishers, posing serious safety concerns. Consequently, some stores have been ordered to close. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has labeled Dollar General, a “severe violator” and imposed fines exceeding $15 million. The company is currently in early settlement discussions with the federal government to address these violations.

Insights from Dollar General Employees

Several key insights have emerged in conversations with current and former Dollar General employees. Employees have reported hour cuts as a recurring issue, leading to understaffed stores. In some cases, only one employee is responsible for managing the store during specific shifts, creating overwhelming challenges, especially during busy times. Unpacking inventory becomes even more complicated as additional staff is needed. The need for more personnel to handle inventory shipments has resulted in inaccurate inventory counts and unnecessary restocking of products.

Addressing the Challenges

In response to these concerns, a Dollar General spokesperson has stated that the company is committed to providing stores with the necessary resources, including appropriate labor budgets, to maintain a clean, well-stocked shopping environment while delivering excellent customer service. However, the challenges persist, affecting both employees and customers.

Dollar General's Cluttered Aisles and Store Closures


Dollar General’s expansion and status as the sole retailer in many small towns have presented unique challenges. Reduced work hours, staffing shortages, and cluttered aisles have resulted in store closures, safety violations, and financial penalties. The company’s commitment to addressing these issues is crucial for maintaining a positive shopping experience and ensuring the safety of both employees and customers. By understanding and actively working towards resolving these challenges, Dollar General can continue to serve as an essential resource for communities across the country.

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