Dollar General’s New Distribution Center in Justin Powers Global Supply Chain Expansion

Dollar General, a prominent retail corporation (NYSE: DG), continues to fortify its global supply chain by inaugurating a cutting-edge distribution centre in Justin. This latest addition, boasting a sprawling area of 1 million square feet, underscores Dollar General’s commitment to enhancing its supply chain capabilities across the United States.

Strengthening Supply Chain Infrastructure

In a bid to fortify its supply chain, Dollar General has recently made significant expansions. These include establishing a dual facility in Blair, Nebraska, along with two permanent regional distribution hubs in Newnan, Georgia, and Fort Worth. The company has also outlined plans for further growth at existing facilities in Jonesville, South Carolina, and Amsterdam, New York.

According to Tony Zuazo, the Executive Vice President of Global Supply Chain at Dollar General, these additions aim to enhance efficiency, generate employment opportunities, and drive positive economic impact. The focus on growing the distribution centre network aligns with Dollar General’s objectives of supporting store growth and better serving customers and local communities.

Strategic Location and Impressive Scale

Situated at 1201 Bold Ruler Road in Justin, the newly opened distribution centre is strategically near the BNSF Railway Intermodal Facility. This advantageous positioning facilitates seamless transportation and logistics operations, strengthening Dollar General’s supply chain.

Spanning an impressive 1 million square feet, the distribution centre in Justin stands as a testament to Dollar General’s commitment to expanding its global supply chain reach. The facility in the Dallas-Fort Worth area adds to the company’s network of distribution centres, further bolstering its ability to meet the growing demands of its customer base.

In addition to the distribution centre in Justin, Dollar General has been actively leasing and developing facilities in collaboration with key partners. For instance, ITS Logistics secured a lease for a 1,045,889-square-foot distribution centre near the new Dollar General facility. This build-to-suit facility, developed by NorthPoint Development, is part of the renowned Intermodal Logistics Center—a thriving industrial park in North Texas.

Upon completion, the Intermodal Logistics Center will encompass seven buildings, creating a robust logistics hub adjacent to BNSF’s Alliance Intermodal facility. These developments are a testament to Dollar General’s commitment to optimizing its supply chain infrastructure and strategically positioning itself for continued growth and success.

In conclusion, Dollar General’s expansion efforts with establishing the one-million-square-foot distribution centre in Justin reflect its dedication to strengthening its global supply chain. By strategically locating its facilities and scaling up its infrastructure, Dollar General aims to enhance operational efficiency, create job opportunities, and drive positive economic impact in the communities it serves.

Dollar General New Distribution Center

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