Dollar Tree Just Recalled More Than 1 Million of This Product

When you wonder about shopping within your budget, it is quite toughest to top Dollar Tree. Perhaps your opponent retailer makes it so informal to search everything from groceries to everyday basics that won’t tear the bank, even if they’ve got a couple of incidents that have been part of scandals. But from now, Dollar Tree is more precautious than the one million items of products it sells because of the serious safety hazard. Read more about to review which element could be so harmful to you.

Dollar Tree and Family Dollar have issued a recollection on 1 Million (craft square) glue equipment they traded nationwide.

On April 13, the buyer’s product safety commission (CPSC) announced the Dollar Tree and its co-founder fraternal store Family Dollar had issued with the recollection of crafter square glue equipment. The retailers reduced sold just over one million product materials at their stores over the U.S.

Most of the affected pieces of the product are made of black plastic along with orange trigger tips. They also have a feature of silver UL listed label positioned above the clutch with Glue Equipment & XY-15302 printed on the label. The recollected material of the product was sold at Dollar Tree stores country-wide from September 2020 through March 2022 at Family Dollar stores nationwide from February 2022 at online signature charge is around $1.

Glue Equipment Posture a Serious Burn Risk and Fire Hazard.

The reminiscence escalated after the organization exposed that the glue equipment glitch during plugged into the switch, affecting every user to it a solemn burn hazard and fire risk. Dollar Tree statement that they have received several customers complaining about electrical fault while using the crafting material, five reported fire burning, and two reports of skin annoyance.

It is highly recommended to stop using the gluing equipment instantly; otherwise, the buyer will be responsible for bearing it all and returning it and getting your refund. 

The CPSC strongly advised everyone to stop purchasing the craft square glue equipment, unplug it directly, and stop using it anymore. They should return the product to the nearest Dollar Tree or Family Dollar store for money back. If anyone already buys through the online company website, the officials will contact you soon for appropriate instructions.

Here’s The Procedure for How to Connect with Dollar Tree or Family Dollar for Further Queries.

Anyone who possibly buys the affected product from Dollar Tree can call the company with their queries at (800-876-8697) from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET on weekdays or by correspondence via Email at ([email protected]). You can also explore more informative updates online by visiting or by going to and clicking on “Recall Information” at the bottom of the page for more details.

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