DGME Payroll: Your Payday Bestie


Hey there, fellow Dollar General team member! Let’s talk about something we all look forward to – payday! But have you ever wondered how that magic happens? That’s where DGME Payroll comes in. It’s like the wizard behind the curtain, and I’m here to give you a friendly tour. Your Portal: Like Checking Your Mailbox, … Read more

Dollar General Expands to Norwalk’s East Side with New Store

Norwalk residents on the east side can now enjoy the convenience of shopping at Dollar General’s recently opened store located at 580 U.S. 20. Welcoming customers earlier this month, the company takes stake pride in providing cost-effective pricing and a diverse range of household essentials, including food, cleaning supplies, paper products, over-the-counter medicines, hygiene products, … Read more

Dollar Tree Just Recalled More Than 1 Million of This Product

When you wonder about shopping within your budget, it is quite toughest to top Dollar Tree. Perhaps your opponent retailer makes it so informal to search everything from groceries to everyday basics that won’t tear the bank, even if they’ve got a couple of incidents that have been part of scandals. But from now, Dollar … Read more